Someone did not know how to run a facebook business

I recently read an article about how cute a mixed and that reminds me something happened last year about Alexandre. Alexandre is a France and Taiwan mixed sweet heart and his mum opened a Facebook page under his name since two years ago. Alexandre became fairly famous especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan and there were about 900 thousand users (from my memory) liked the page. There were complaints on the mum made Alexandre a marketing tool and collect advertising fees from sponsors. The mum denied and deleted whoever complained. Last year, a group of users decided to report the page and it was eventually shut down in September.

Capture from alexs mum fb
The mum posted tons of photos every day
Advertising the dried fruit? May be?

Open up!

There are two issues here. First, some reported Alexandre’s Facebook page actually involved ethical issues. According to the children online privacy protection act, kids under 13 should not be using Facebook but apparently there are tons of kids underage on Facebook already.

Second, assuming the mum did take Alexandre’s page as a business (eventho she denied), she was driving her customers away. The poor online relationship with the public drove many of her followers away and without massive number of followers, perhaps would eventually drive the sponsors away too. Like many other parents, Alexandre’s mum shall not be the first to post photos and charge on sponsors. It is not surprising and no reason to hide. Like many other businesses, open up to criticism and feedback. Comment and feedback is a valuable source for the business and it means the public pays attention on what the user said. Alexandre’s mum should be glad but not pissed on the commentaries. Cheer up and respond politely, positively!

Keep clam & be respectful!

It is important to remember, always be respectful to the community members. In this case, Alexandre’s mum did not necessarily block all ‘disagreers’ and clear comments she did not like. Ended up, those Facebook users became very mad at her attitude. They even opened up a Facebook group called against Alexandre’s mum group and kept reporting the Alexandre page. Later on, the page has been closed as they wished.

In fact, if the mum was willing to have a peaceful conversation, I believe the whole thing would be totally different. Everyone has the right to share thoughts and opinions. Do not try to shut one’s mouth up. Because the more you try to bury it down, the worse it will become. Here’s a lesson for every business should learn – don’t overreact and stay clam.

So, here’s the thing. Whoever tries to build up a social media business should learn to coexist with other members. It’s always said ‘in the business world, customers are the king’ and you just have to respect them and make them happy. Perhaps Alexandre’s mum shall do a little homework on online relationship with the public, then consider to open her page again.

against alexs mum asso
Nearly 8000 likes on the against Alexandre’s mum group
Capture from aganist alexs mum asso
Alexandre’s page got reported

It was not the end…

The page shut down and Alexandre’s mum is still posting on Instagram and her personal Facebook page. There are rumors the public plans to report until her account closes down again. I wonder whether the same thing shall go over again.

Nevertheless, the attack wave had pushed Alexandre and his mum into the front of millions of eyeballs. They was once top search in local search engines and has been offered a few advertising campaigns. Honestly, it wasn’t such a bad thing.



  1. People who use Facebook really need to consider about ethical issue, especially for young children. It is not right to use children as a tool for advertising unless the children really want to.


  2. I actually think people shouldn’t be overreacting, well it might be too much of those photos for a kid, but I don’t think people should set up a facebook page like that for a mother


  3. Jessie! I know! may be it’s okay for children to do so, but it’s really not right to expose their personal stuffs too much. whether children will be happy abt the photos when they grow up is an issue too!


  4. However I slightly feel bad for the mother, because of the way how she has been attacking by everyone else…


  5. well, that’s wt I was saying in the post. She really needs to take a lesson on PR management! It’s quite important to manage customer relationship in online marketing.


  6. There was a comment on her facebook. And i clicked “like” because I do agree. Usually I never comment or click. I was amazed she could actually have the time to scroll through and block.


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