The Yellow Pages came back!

Remembered about ten years ago people used to search through newspapers, Yellow Pages most likely. Within this ten years, things changed when the innovation of internet was found. The innovation became a significant technology disrupted the some industries. It altered the way companies did business and eventually forced some industries to adopt the innovation. Nowadays the number of online search engines grow rapidly that the traditional ways like Yellow Pages would just unsurprisingly decline.

Anyone still using the printed version?


The Yellow Pages, one in the industries facing changes. According to data from the Local Search Association, total consumer references to print directories declined from 12 billion in 2009 to 7.4 billion in 2011, and have most likely declined even more since. Audience declines, so will the ad revenue in the paper publication.

As customers move to the online platform, Yellow Pages decided to evolve the business with digital customers. The challenge is that Yellow Pages has to abandon the leading role in old industry and start from scratch. Moreover, the company has to face the fierce competition where there are existing powerful players, Google, Bing, and Yahoo for instance. (especially considered 96% Australian smartphone users prefer to use Google)

With the increasingly population using smartphones, Yellow Pages put its effort on the app development. By doing this way, Yellow Page intends to alter the traditional target customers (who are old-fashioned with printed version) to a younger generation. Yellow Page has done more to transform into an app more than directory service.

homepage 1
Simple design! I like it! Yellow Pages looks much younger now.
homepage 2
Yellow Pages looks much younger now. Pretty handy to find a plumber nearby.

Yellow Pages lists every local businesses nearby. All of which can be saved to the contact list. For more convenience when you find or browse listings, there is detailed information including Click to Call, locate on maps, plus share with friends via email, text Facebook or Twitter. The Caller ID is also available for Andriod users. The service access the Yellow Pages database to identify incoming and outgoing business calls. I have read some reviews which most of them are giving positive feedbacks. In fact, some users commented Yellow Page is easier to use on the app. (More reviews click here)

You may just click-to-call, via email or visit website (if its available).
There are also reviews and ratings.
Yellow Pages tells you the payment methods.

While the company experiences significant decline in print revenue from 2006, the global Yellow Pages still manage to produce revenues about 60% digital by 2016. However, there is still a long way for Yellow Pages to fight against Google and some other research engines. Although the technological change forced Yellow Pages to convert to online world, the significance of the change is that numerous businesses and industries are going online too. Not only the traditional industries like printed directories, newspaper, any other type of businesses should consider the opportunity to extend to the digital world.

Some statistics about digital Yellow Pages!

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  1. Wow, it looks amazing! The yellow page is back and seems even much convenient than using Google for searching, but it is limited to things related to the living places, cannot search some queries through yellow page, which Google can, they have this kind of competitive advantage.


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