Type like a Panda!

font project

Pandas are one of the most adored animals in the world, but with only 1600 left in the wild they’re almost extinct. WWF Japan therefore briefed on a campaign, aiming to raise awareness and generate donations for the Giant Panda program. They wanted a non-traditional campaign that would bring the Panda’s plight into our daily lives in a light-hearted way. The WWF then came up with a brilliant solution that creating the Panda Font. Literally corresponds to the campaign which a font made by Pandas and for Pandas.

Very cute design, isn’t it?

This brilliant campaign released a few days ago does not simply make connection to social media and create a buzz. Each of these characters has been designed to feature the heads of adorable pandas. On one hand, the font awakes public’s attention on the online world, allowing the public to share and widely use. On the other hand, the campaign steps outside the digital platform, extending the campaign in real life. The campaign encourages people to print on T-shirt, hat or whatever you can to promote the message. Gimmicks created on online network can easily fade away as there are so many other campaigns will rise to attract public attention. It is important for a campaign to be able to make a buzz while keeping the public remember and talk about even after the buzz on the online world.

P.S. I’d love to download these ‘pandastic’ fonts on my laptop. However seems they need a few more days to release the link.

Can print on T-shirt
or stickers
or even on the cup!


The campaign is designed by the Japanese WWF, but they have made the fonts eligible for other languages!
The campaign is designed by the Japanese WWF, but they have made the fonts eligible for other languages!


  1. its cute but I’m wondering whether it can really draw people’s attention for protecting those lovely pandas ?


  2. Thanks for the comment Yanki. I think ppl are quited interested at this campaign since there are ald 68k reviews on the website I saw it lol. And for sure WWF Japan will need to push harder on the campaign. Perhaps convert to an emoji app, sth that better fits smartphone users.


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